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1. You have a PG 58H-34 “C” Oil specified for the parking lot overlays. Would a PG 58S-28 “B” Oil make more sense as these are parking lots and also not full reconstructs so the -34 property of the “C” Oil will not be effectively utilized for the increased cost.
2. Please specify maximum density versus ordinary compaction on the lots as it currently appears cores will be taken. I want to make sure this is your intent.
3. Please clarify if the 3” overlay at Graham Park. Will this be required to be laid in 1 lift or 2?
  • Johnson, Benjamin T
  • 08/26/2019 10:13 AM

RE: questions.

1. Please bid the project per plan. Following award, Olmsted County would be open to discussions with the successful bidder regarding mix modifications.

2. We won’t require coring for density, ordinary compaction will be sufficient.

3. 2 Lifts